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Global Effects CO2 JET DMX

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Global Effects CO2 Jet DMX creates a dense column of cold white smoke that is quickly dissipated, up to 26 feet in height (depending upon humidity.) At high humidity the column of smoke will be larger, and at a low humidity - smaller. Reliably designed internal high-pressure valve.

Designed for indoor use and large halls, also can be used outdoors.

DMX control.

To work the gun requires a CO2 cylinder with a siphon tube (submersible). One 10.5 gal cylinder is enough for about 30 shots 2-3 seconds long.

What else is needed for a jet? A power cord with a PowerCon input and a DMX connection cable for the serial connection of multiple cryo jets? The cord and cables can be purchased from us.

Can I see how it works? Of course, below you will find photos and videos of the work of this stationary cryopad. You can visit our showroom and get professional advice.

NOTE: We do not sell cylinders, they can be bought at any CO2 / commercial gas supply company in your city. Welding supply companies also often carry CO2 bottles.

Input / Output: PowerCon

Management: DMX

Size (LxWxH) 11.8"x7.4"x4.7" (8.6")

Weight (kg) 10.1 lb

Voltage 220V

Power 100 W

The maximum distance to 50 feet

1 year Warranty!

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