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This confetti machine is designed for confetti or streamers shots from 2 cannons either simultaneously or independently. 

The Confetti machine works only on the rechargeable battery, which allows you to use it anywhere without connecting to a 115V power source.

Remote control operates within a radius of 1640 feet. Several machines can be programmed on one remote controller.

Consumable material - electric cannons 12", 19" or 23" in length that are charged with streamers or confetti. Pre-loaded cannons may be available.

The distance of the shot depends on the length of the cannon:

- 12" confetti up to 12 feet, streamers up to 20 feet.

· 19": confetti up to 18 feet, streamers up to 30 feet.

· 23" confetti up to 28 feet, streamers up to 55 feet.

The angle of the cannons can be adjusted. For an appropriate appearance, the streamer shot's recommended angle is 45-60 degrees.

Working with a Power Shot:

1) Install the equipment in the selected location, for security fix to the floor with tape.

2) Program a Power Shot on the remote control (see Programming Guide).

3) Load the electric cannon with confetti or streamers

4) When you press the button on the remote confetti or streamers will be shot.

The kit of Power Shot-2 contains a charger, remote control, a Programming Guide and a Guide for charging electric cannons.

Can I see how it works? Of course, below you will find photos and videos of this confetti gun. You can visit our showroom and get professional advice.


Net weight: 7.8 lb.

Packing: 185x80x250cm

Gross weight: 8.5 lb.

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