EASY Swirl Snowman

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EASY Swirl Snowman is an absolutely new patented confetti machine that can throw confetti and artificial snow of any size and kind at a diameter up to 16 feet at maximum engine power.

The best way to celebrate Christmas is to surprise your guests blowing black confetti on them from this Snowman confetti-machine.

Compact and powerful, it is designed for large scenes and halls where there is a possibility of fixing it to trusses or other suitable mounting points. The required minimum ceiling height is 13 feet.

EASY Swirl Snowman can hold about 12 lbs of metallic confetti or 6 lbs of paper confetti or artificial snow.

When working at a maximum fan speed, a fully filled reservoir is enough for 2-3 minutes of continuous work and up to 10 minutes running at low speed.

Please, note that you can load consumables only once during the performance as the loading will require de-installing the machine.. You load the confetti into the tank and mount the confetti machine on the truss. To reload the confetti machine, it should be removed from the truss, the consumables refilled, and the machine re-mounted.

You can buy a Snowman Head as an addition to your EASYFX Set or any EASYFX machine. Ask our consultants on price.


Voltage: 115V / 50Hz

Power consumption: 400 W

Diameter: 23.6"

Net weight: 12 lbs

Capacity: 6-12 lbs

Scatter: Up to Ø13 feet (at a height of 6.5 feet)