EASY Flame

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EASY Flame creates the effect of real flame! Flame height is up to 6 feet.

Compact and seemingly noiseless.

Preparation only takes 5 minutes; simply connect the main power and you're ready to go!

Can I see how it works? Of course, below you will find photos and videos of the flame simulation in action. You can also visit our showroom to get our professional advice.

EASY Flame is part of the EASYFX Set which includes 2 additional nozzles:

1) EASY Confetti: blows confetti up to over 30 feet high with continuous flow.

2) EASY Foam: a foam generator for small clubs, beach parties or private events.

The EASY Base simulates wind effects by simply removing all nozzles and using the Base as a wind generator.

Voltage: 115V/50Hz

Power: 470 W

Size of base (HWL): 35" х 10"х 10"

Artificial flame height: 6 ft

Weight: 15.4 lb

Period of work: No limit

Sound level: 63 Db (А)

Static pressure 450P

Flame imitation