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Ceremony and Dance on the Clouds

280 USD
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This wonderful wedding package includes Dance on the Clouds and 2 Ceremony options.

Ceremony. Different colors and shapes of confetti will be blowing as a shot or continuosly floating around. You can pick up 2 options of the following:

1. Bride is walking down the aisle

2. Bridesmaids entering

3. "I DO's" shots

4. First kiss

5. Ring exchange

6. Mr. & Mrs. exit toss

7. Mr. & Mrs. entrance to reception

Dance on the Clouds

Have you ever imagined your first dance as husband and wife? What if you could make it truly unique? Our famous low fog machine creates soft airy visual image. Low fog spreads along the floor and it will be about a knee high, giving the appearance that you are dancing on the clouds.

Not only your guests will be wowed, but also your photographers and videographers will have an opportunity to capture an amazing moment of a newly married couple dancing on magical fluffy clouds which will leave memories for a lifetime!

Please, call us at (239) 940 2484 to discuss the best option for you and book a date.